Victoria Scotti | Bio
Here you can find all the information about Victoria Scotti's bio, art, projects and contact.
Victoria Scotti, art-therapist, artist, arts-based researcher,
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Victoria Scotti, PhD. is an art therapist, artist, independent arts-based researcher, and a lecturer. Her multidisciplinary work centers around women´s lived experiences which she investigates from the perspectives of art therapy, the fine arts, and arts-based research.


Doctor of Philosophy, Drexel University, Creative Arts Therapies, March, 2016.
Master of Arts in Art Therapy, School of Visual Arts, June, 2005.
Bachelor of Arts, English/Psychology. Tallinn University, Estonia, June, 2001.


Currently: independent scholar, artist, art therapist and lecturer
2005-present Visiting lecturer in Art Therapy at Tallinn University, Estonia
2012-2014 Research and Teaching Assistant at Drexel University, Philadelphia
2005-2006 Art therapist at BRC-Reception Center, New York, NY
2005 Psychiatric Rehabilitation Therapist at North General Hospital, New York, NY


Scotti, V. & Prentice, A. (2016). Altered coffee table books as an inquiry into transitioning to motherhood: A visual comment. Studies in the Maternal.

Scotti, V., & Aicher, A. L. (2015). Veiling and unveiling:An Artistic exploration of self-other processes. Qualitative Inquiry, DOI:1077800415605055.

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Gerber, N. & Scotti, V. (In Press). An artistic inquiry into intersubjective and transferential phenomena in Creative Arts Therapies doctoral education.

Chilton, G. & Scotti, V. (2014). Snipping, gluing, writing: The properties of collage as an arts- based research practice in art therapy. Art Therapy: Journal of the American Art Therapy Association, 31,4, 163-171, DOI:10.1080/07421656.2015.963484

Chilton, G. Gerber, N. & Scotti, V. (2015). Towards an aesthetic intersubjective paradigm for Arts-Based Research: An art therapy perspective. UNESCO Observatory Multidisciplinary Journal in the Arts, 5, 1, 1-27.

Sein-Garcia, M., Rüütel, E., Scotti, V., Hentinen, H., Tartes-Babkina, H., Vahtrapuu, A. & Ratnik, M. (2012). Materials and natural materials in Art Therapy. In P. Simi & O.Tuomela (Eds). Promoting natural materials. Turku: Turku University of Applied Sciences


American Art Therapy Association
Estonian Creative Arts Therapies Association